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Bento news: head, hands, AO and special shape

  • Bento head: Catwa Head Catya
  • Bento Hands: -Vista- Prohands V.2beta - New
  • Shape: Be Yourself -  Shape Paty (Catwa Bento)
  • Eyes: Catwa Rigged Eyes Catya
  • Hair: Truth Hair - Sugar - VIP Group Gift
  • Skin: Glam Affair - Barbara Applier ( Catwa ) Polar - Whimsical - New
  • Bodysuit: *Tentacio* Let's dance - Let's dance body grey RARE - Kustom9 - New
  • Headphones: *Tentacio* Let's dance - Pink headphones - Kustom9 - New
  • Radiocassette : *Tentacio* Let's dance - Radiocassette pink - Kustom9 - New
  • Body Language -  Bento AO Kawaiiholic -  The Kawaii Project -New
  About Bento Project

Bento is a poject that brings to Second Life a new structure with more than 100 new bones in the enhanced skeleton, along with 15 new attachment points. These news extensions will give give us dozens of new bones to support both rigging and animation, and accompanying new attachment points! 
This news are:
11 extra limb bones for wings, additional arms, or extra legs.
6 tail bones
30 bones in the hands (all 10 fingers!)
30 bones for facial expressions
2 other new bones in the head for animating ears or antennae
13 new attachment points associated with the new bones
All existing avatars and attachments will continue to function as designed and will not need to be updated
But the project are not finished yet. For use the bento items you need to download and install the Project Bento Release Candidate Viewer from the Alternate Viewers page on the Second Life Wiki.

Catwa bento Head:
For more inforation, please click here.
-Vista- Prohands Female
Theses hands are the first SL mesh hands compatible with bento bones. In the pack you can find:
Left and Right hand /-Right and left relaxed pose hands no Bento / 4 stand animations to test./ Alpha layer for sl default body and the  HUD (2beta).
In the HUD you havea lot of customization options: 10 Skins included made by Glam affair,  6 skins by The skinnery, 10 SKINS BY Akeruka. Tintable options, 5 nail shape,  18 nail colors and 12  hand static positions and 4 test ao stands.

Body Language presents:
Bento Animation Override Kawaiiholic
A full pack of animations that works with bento hands
The Kawaii Project

Be Yoursel Body Shop -  Shape Paty for Catwa Catya Bento Head
Mody, Coy and No Trans

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