domingo, 1 de maio de 2016

Amphitrite: Sea-Goddess

I love mythology a lot! Amphitrite (Salacia, in Roman Mythology) was the goddess queen of the sea, the wife of King Poseidon. We can say she is a kind of "female Poseidon". Others called her the personification of the sea itself.

At first, she refused to marry Poseidon, since he was very rude. She was so scared that ran away, hiding in the depths of the sea for over a year! Poseidon was desolated. Seeing his brother's sad situation, Zeus decided to talk to Doris, Amphitrite's mother, the only one that knew the whereabouts of the young nereid. When Poseidon finally found Amphitrite, he was diferent and more attentive. This way, he finally won her heart and took her to be the queen of the seas and mother of his children.

She is represented carrying a trident, symbol of her sovereignty over the seas.
Skin & Lips: VCO
Hair: [DUE] Teresa *NEW*  @The Kawaii Project
Dress: :Moon Amore: Amphitrite /RARE Dress/  Small *NEW* @The Epiphany
Tiara: :Moon Amore: Amphitrite /RARE Tiara *NEW* @The Epiphany
Trident: :Moon Amore: Amphitrite - Trident / EXCLUSIVE ITEM *NEW* @The Epiphany
Little bubbles: :Moon Amore: Amphitrite - Bubbles Props *NEW* @The Epiphany
Pose: //elephante poses// Part of Your World

Birdy . Feesh - Pet - Pearl gacha
+Half-Deer+ Jewel Jellybell - Magenta (wear or rez)
Big Bubbles by Infiniti

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