domingo, 4 de outubro de 2015

Meet Jessica

I'm a bit late with this post, but let's rock! Today I bring a different look from the usual. Gabi is all grown up today v(⌒o⌒)v I like her face a lot, since it reminds me a lot of my sorceress character from the mmorpg Aion Online.
CATWA has released her first mesh head called "Jessica". Jessica comes with LOTS of extras: talk animations, 9 Animated expressions (that you can also trigger by typing emotes in chat), makeups (blush, lipsticks, catliners), lashes (REALLY great lashes), empty slots on HUD to save applier, 8 eyebrow colors, and much more.
The skin matches Glam Affair's Asia tone, but I think it also goes very well with the default skin that comes with Maitreya Lara. Since the head is fitmesh, you can adjust its size and lenght (as I did, because I like it "rounder").
In this post, I'm also featuring exclusive items available at We Love RolePlay that opened its new round today (ends oct/31st), and The Fantasy Collective. TFC's current round opened on sept/22nd and ends oct/15th). I hope you enjoy the post!
HEAD: CATWA Jessica Mesh Head *NEW* Markeplace Link 
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
HAIR: ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Stefani. *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective
CROWN: AZOURY - Vonlenska Headwear (Blood) *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective
FEATHER HEADPIECE: LUXE. Valkyrie *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective
EYES: {S0NG} :: Vampy Eyes *NEW* @The Nightmare
BODYSUIT: ::chocolate.Atelier.:: Zaza *Black* *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective
COLLAR: Bauhaus Movement - Aida Feather Collar *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective
BRACELETS: Bauhaus Movement - Aida Feather Bracelet  *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective
NAILS: :[P]:- Slink/Maitreya Nails:// Blood *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective
LEG TATTOO: se//mi / Daisy - Legs *NEW* @SaNaRae
SHOES: REIGN.- Deadly Pumps *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective

THRONE: Kalopsia - Elven Throne (Black)
COLUMN: meadowWorks "Gothic Gargoyle on Column" *NEW* @We <3 RolePlay
CANDELABRA: striped mocha - pearl candelabra - charcoal *NEW* @The Fantasy Collective
OWLS: *HEXtraordinary* Siamese Owl Gryphon *NEW* @We <3 RolePlay

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