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NEW: Skye Water System 1.0

Today I'll talk about this amazing new creation from Studio Skye, called "Skye Water System". It's animated mesh water with realistic details for your building that can be above sea level of even at a skybox! (my case).
I was really excited when I knew about this creation, since I use a sky platform to rez my decor items and many times I needed to create a small pond or something with water, but I  could never find decent looking water.
This water system gives a great variety of water options to  choose from (and you can tint it as well!), including several sizes and shapes. In addition, you can control these settings: ripple speed, wave height, water depth, transparency, wave highlights and skye reflection (yay!).  For more natural effect, make sure to enable Advanced Lighting Model.
In all these pics I was at my sky platform. It was very simple to adjust the whole thing ;)
Todas as fotos feitas na skybox.
Quick test using Skye Tropical Beach + Skye Water System.
Another quick test: Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel + Skye Water System

Check HERE for more info.
Click HERE for video
Visit HERE to see this product in world.

Mermaid Look:
Hair: ^.^Ayashi^.^ Sirena Hair @TFC
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ] Juicy Bell
Tail+Bra: *M.C.* Princess *NEW* @Enchantment
Crown: LODE

Look from picture 2 posted HERE 

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