domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015

A Mermaid Tale

The Little Mermaid by Hanz C. Andersen has always been one of my favorite tales. So is the Disney version as well. But let's face some facts from the original Andersen story:
-Yes, the Mermaid has 6 sisters, she is daughter of the Poseidon and when she is 15, she is allowed to swim to the surface. The mermaids can live 300 years. They don't have an inmortal soul, instead, when they die, they become seafoam. The humans would have a shorter lifespam, but when their body die, they would live as an eternal soul.
-When the little mermaid goes to the surface, she sees the Prince and fells in love with him. After a storm, the boat sinks and the mermaid saves the prince. Before the prince wakes up, the mermaid goes away. When the prince opens his eyes, he sees other girl (a Princess) next to him and thinks that she was the one that saved him!
-The mermaid does a pact with the Sea Witch to become human. In exchange, she gives her tongue and beautiful hair to the Sea Witch. Also, everytime she walked with her human feet, she would feel extreme pain, and if thousands of knifes where piercing her feet! Also, the Witch tells if the prince didn't fell in love with the mermaid and marry her, she would die!
-The mermaid goes to the surface, meets the prince, but he is in love with that other girl :( He marries the girl.
-To save their little sister, the other mermaids trade their pretty hair to the sea witch in for a magic dagger. The little mermaid would have to kill the prince, and his blood would turn her feet into tail and she could live her long mermaid life with her sisters again.
-When the mermaid is going to kill the sleeping prince, she changes her mind. She runs to outside of the castle and throws herself into the ocean. Her body becomes seafoam, but a miracle she was an ethereal soul and several other ethereal beings were flying arround her. Because of her struggle to achieve a soul, she became a Daughter of the Air. She would earn her own soul by doing good deeds, and she would eventually rise up into the kingdom of God!
*Sorry for the grammar xD
SKIN: Curio
SHAPE: .::HipS'Inc::. SHAPE Loli
HAIR (& accessories): +Spellbound+ Sirena // Grimoire : Complete*NEW* @Enchantment
TAIL & TOP: :[Plastik]:- Ursulae (Female) Mermaid Fin:// Steele *NEW* @Enchantment
BODY SCALES: The Wicked Peach *NEW* @Enchantment
PET: :Moon Amore: Ursula (Sweet Look) *NEW* @Enchantment
NECKLACE: ^^Swallow^^ Elizabeth Necklace @Vintage & Cool Fair SOON! (Aug/21st)

BED: Trompe Loeil - Nerissa Seashell Bath PG
SHELL DECOR: :[Plastik]:- The Ursula Sea Decor *NEW* @Enchantment
POSE: ).Mysterika.( Mermaid Laying

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