sábado, 12 de outubro de 2013

Somewhere before the rainbow

Hello people!
First : sorry for the delay , I was a bit busy in RL these days . As you know I like to keep the quality of my photos (which spends a lot of time ) so I refuse to make more posts if they have been made ​​less quality .
I wanted to once again call attention to a beautiful, cute, talented and very sympathetic designer: Inka Mexicola. For some time I'm posting some Essences's things and every day I am more impressed.  Unfortunately I do not have much time to do more detailed posts (but I promise I will do soon).
I also like to talk a little bit about Catwathe new hairs are so cute! And what I liked most about them was the HUD choice of colors (you can see it in the post). Some hair styles allows you to modify the size of them in the head and keep format the mesh length.
You will see many items in the post of Chapter four and a beautiful skirt of 2:00 PM that is available in Soho Market.
I hope you also enjoy the Group Gift from C'est La Vie!

↓See the description bellow↓

terça-feira, 8 de outubro de 2013

Wizarding Faire #2

Wizarding Faire once again!
I really enjoyed the event items, I love this atmosphere of magical Wizarding Faire and I think the SL is an awesome place to promote fantasy.
In this post I tried to join a few more items decorating of the fair (which are all very cute) with others of the Lark.
The result inpressionou I loved the atmosphere and I'm sure I'll use this "library Evil" (because I'm actually in the photo trying to make a cookie for designers who do not respond my applications).
The skin of Essences is wonderful, congratulations Inka you rock! haha
There are so many items .. I can not speak for everyone. Take a good look at the photos, visit the Wizarding Faire and accompanying new photos on Flickr group event.

My loook:
  • Sweater: Peqe - Wizarding Sweate w/Shirt - Wizarding Faire - New
  • Skirt: [RA] skirt.pleated
  • Skin: Essences - Qopi skin - Wizarding Faire - New
  • Books: [okkbye] Wizard Books - Wizarding Faire - New
  • Bag: [Aux]Old Leather Satchel  - Wizarding Faire - New
  • Necklace (long): ..Olive. the Sorting Necklace - Wizarding Faire - New
  • Necklace (short): Pure Poison - Stephana Jewelry Set - Subscribe gift
  • Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Kayanna - New ♥Tysm TOmmy Fairplay♥
  • Eyes: .tsg. Luminate Eyes
  • Freckles: [okkbye] Full Body Freckles
  • Socks: Izzie's - Thigh High Tube Socks - VIP Group Gift
  • Flats: Mag<3 - Cute Ballerina - Soho Market - New
  • Bow: Mag<3.B Bowy *bow hair band- Soho Market - New

segunda-feira, 7 de outubro de 2013

Wizarding Faire

The Wizarding Faire started!
I'm very excited, it's so many things ... I'm sure I will not get to post all ...
I'll try to show you a little of that is fair, or better, I'll let you see directly from the Wizarding Faire page the event description.
I hope you like, I will continue by posting many items there, hope you enjoy!

domingo, 6 de outubro de 2013

Took every ounce of faith I had, to keep on keepin' on' ♫♪

Nothing like starting Sunday with a good news! New round of Chapter Four! \ o /
I love iff event, everything is always so beautiful and bright!
This time the desgners surpassed themselves and made ​​the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my second life.
We have new releases of Potcha, Half Dear, ASO, Tokame, Imeka, Zingana, Zenith ....
Wow I'm so excited, I will post many other items of Chapter Four, but today will be just these.
Thank you for visiting!

♥See more details↓♥

sexta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2013

terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013

I am the walrus \o/

Hello my little hearts!
First, you guys like the Beatles? I looooove <3
The title of the post and the videos are a Beatles song, I put my two favorite versions.
I hope you have fun with this psychedelic music!
Now let's talk about BCC! Look at that cute skirt *. * It is available at The Dressing Room of this month and costs only L $ 70!
Speaking of prices ... The top of the Pure Perfection costs only L $ 5 and is on The Love Hunt.
And my beautiful little eyes are a gift of Chus!
We had excelent things today, beautiful and cheap!
I happy for that ^ ^

  • Top:~Pure Perfection-Mesh Knotted Basic Top-White - The Love Hunt - L$5
  • Skirt: B.C.C Petite baby Skirts - The Dressing Room - L$70
  • Skin: .tsg. Luna X Tone - New
  • Eyes: Chus! Arachne Lenses  - Free
  • Jewerly:  Essences Traditional Candy Necklace and Bracelet - Candy Fair - Oct. 4th
  • Neck tattoo:  Essences "Believe" Neck Tattoo - New
  • Leg tattoo: { Hello Rabbit! } Bunny Logo Leg Tattoo   - Free
  • Hair: Vive9 - Bruna in Waldorf 
  • Basket: Old World - Basket with strawberry
  • Sandals: B.C.C. - Camelia Wedge Sandals